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Sports Should Be Fun For All, And Only About Sports

No Politics. No Causes. The Fictional Sports League works to eliminate the "woke" in sports and return the games to being just that, games.

We offer a number of different sports teams covering all the major team sports - Baseball, Basketball, Football, and Soccer.


The Fort Myers Skunk Apes Are A Fictional Baseball Team Located In The Real City Of Fort Myers, FL.

The Fort Myers Skunk Ape All Stars

Bo Bomber
Bo Bomber back
Petie Rose
Petie Rose back
Skunky McGee
Skunky McGee back
Chipper Chip
Chipper Chimp back
Sandi Koskunk
Sandi Koskunk back
Skunky Ruth
Skunky Ruth Back
Mookie Skunk
Coach A back
Shorty Fullape
Shorty Fullape back
Yogi Yeti
Yogi Yeti back

Meet The Fort Myers Skunk Apes General Manager

Coach A Trading Cards

Officially Sanctioned Fictional Sports League Teams Are Avaialble!

If you've ever dreamed of owning a "real" (fictional) sports team in your city, here's your chance! Please choose among the list of teams available. If you do not see your area, please make a suggestion!

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